Automotive Aerosols

Fuelling Success Has Never Been Easier

No matter what you do in the industry, automotive aerosols are an easy way to get brilliant results. With everything from maintenance to car cleaning sprays, we have everything you need to keep vehicles powering ahead. 

Maintenance sprays are one of the most used aerosols in the automotive industry, and MAINTAIN101 is a multi-purpose spray that cuts through grease and protects metal components with ease. While often used for degreasing, even our maintenance aerosol can’t deliver the same results as a specific product. Our Engine Degreaser is a heavy-duty solvent degreaser, simply spray on and wash off for top-notch results.

If you have motorcycle chains that need some care, then our Wax Chain Lube is what you’re looking for. This spray quickly penetrates chains and leaves behind a waxy film that prevents further damage. Our copper grease is another fantastic metal protection spray that can even stop annoying brake squeals.

Car cleaning sprays are essential to the automotive industry, and keeping vehicles in pristine condition goes a long way. We have a selection of dashboard cleaner sprays and renovators to choose from, including our non-silicone light duty cleaner. This aerosol is incredibly easy to use, simply spray and go to enjoy powerful results. As for our fast-acting renovating sprays, you can choose from a selection of scents including cherry, apple and cranberry. 

Whether it’s cleaning, lubricating or maintaining your vehicles we have everything the automotive industry needs. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact a member of TEAM101


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