Electrical Cleaners

Tackle Dirt And Grease Safely With Electronics Contact Cleaners


When dealing with electrical components, safety is everything. After all, nobody wants to turn a run of the mill cleaning job into a disaster. Luckily, our range of electrical contact cleaner aerosols makes maintaining electricals easy. These cleaners are designed for cleaning and removing dust, grime, grease and more from sensitive electronic components. Using these sprays is incredibly easy, and leave behind a clean, dry surface free from residue and moisture.


Electrical contact cleaning sprays are developed to work with electrical equipment, print heads, electrical circuits and other components that need an aerosol that evaporates without leaving behind any pesky moisture. Plastic safe and highly effective, you can count on brilliant cleaning with every use. But how do they work?


Our range of cleaning sprays is effortless to use, simply apply them to the surface and allow them to evaporate, and use a small brush to take care of particularly stubborn stains. While there’s no elbow grease involved, these aerosols leave electrical components cleaned to industrial standards and help to ensure safety.


Here at TYGRIS, we have a whole selection of electronic cleaners to choose from. Our TYGRIS Electrical Cleaner is a high-performance solvent that removes stains, coatings, printing acids, oil, grease and most fluxes and is ideal for circuits and print heads. If you need a fast-drying coating that protects against mild acids and alkalis as well as general weathering, the TYGRIS Clear Acrylic Lacquer is a fantastic choice. No matter what you’re looking for, we have the perfect solution for you.


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