Food Grade Aerosols

Get The Job Done With Food Safe Aerosols


Here at TYGRIS, we make sure to cater to the food processing industry. We get finding products that deliver excellent results while being safe for food and beverage environments is seriously important. That’s why we developed PROTEAN. With a whole range of food-safe industrial solutions that keep everywhere from factories to bakeries running smoothly, PROTEAN has everything you need. 


Food-safe aerosols are by far the easiest way to address applications, with a simple spray formulation. These compact cans are NSF registered, and suitable for any cleanroom environment. No matter the task at hand, we have you covered.


Keeping food chains in working order is vital. Stoppages can halt your operation in its tracks, and can cause big problems for your team. Our Chain Spray maintains food conveyor systems and can withstand regular washing with ease. Another solution perfect for chains as well as roller and needle bearings is our White Grease Spray. Effective up to high temperatures, this aerosol protects against corrosion.


Looking for a safe and effective way to clean electrical components? Our electrical cleaner is a fast-drying solvent that clears grease and grime with ease. Another effective food-safe cleaning spray is the PROTEAN Stainless Steel Cleaner. A dual-action polish and cleaner, this spray is ideal for cleaning worktops and any other chrome, aluminium or metal surfaces.


A multi-use food safe spray is a must-have for maintenance, cleaning and lubrication purposes. Our multi-lube protects against corrosion and can be used on everything from cables to castors.

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