Line Marker & Applicators

Improving Safety Has Never Been Easier


Here at TYGRIS, we’re all about making things easy. From electric cleaner aerosols to automotive sprays, our industrial solutions are all designed to address the needs of a variety of sectors. Line marking paints are a fantastic multi-use spray to have onsite. Suitable for a whole host of applications, our line paints are a simple yet effective way to mark surfaces clearly and effectively. 

We developed our range of aerosol paints to deliver professional-grade results with ease, taking the hassle out of painting. Whether it’s roads, paths or warehouse floors, these sprays can handle all kinds of surfaces. Available in a wide range of colours including blue spray paint and red spray paint, these vivid pigments can be spotted without any trouble. Even better, you can count on these colours sticking around with a long-lasting effect. 

Line marking paint has a range of uses, such as marking designated work areas or mapping routes for internal operations. A solvent-based paint, these sprays are used to apply semi-permanent markings to most hard surfaces. This paint is rapid drying, so you won’t be tip-toeing around wet paint for long, and has good resistance to chemicals and abrasion. 

Applying these marking paints is effortless, especially when you use one of our brilliant applicators. The entire range of paints can be used with most applicators, including wheeled and handheld options. No matter the application, we have it covered. Why not browse our selection of acrylic spray paints for more inspiration? 

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