Metal Working Aerosols

Our aerosols are specially formulated to offer unbeatable effectiveness with every use, so you can strike while the iron’s hot and keep your operation running perfectly. These metalworking aerosols give users high-performance with each application, and even better, the spray formulation makes it easier than ever to get the results you want. 


Here at TYGRIS, we develop our solutions to deliver the best performance possible and address pain points in the industry. We offer a wide selection of industrial solutions, with products tailored to specific applications and environments. No matter how demanding the job is, we’ve got you covered with metalworking sprays you can rely on.


All of our products are created with industry at their core including the TYGRIS Metal Working Spray, which is specifically formulated to keep up with the cutting lubrication demands of harder metals like stainless steel. The enhanced extreme pressure additives make R208 a high-performance aerosol.


To keep your metals in ship shape under tough conditions, our TYGRIS Bright Zinc Galv Spray is just the thing. With a bright cosmetic finish, this spray protects previously galvanised metals with a protective coating that looks professional. The zinc helps to prevent corrosion, ideal for metal surfaces exposed to the elements. If you need a strong primer, why not opt for the TYGRIS Zinc Galv Spray Heavy-Duty?


When it comes to prolonging tool life and improving performance TYGRIS Cutting and Tapping Fluid delivers with every use. If you need to free seized components, nothing gets the job done like TYGRIS WD Anti-Rust Spray. This aerosol drives out any unwanted moisture and is a must-have for accessing hard to reach areas.


All of our products come with the TYGRIS 4 Life guarantee, so you can count on an excellent performance. Not sure which product to use for your application? TEAM 101 is always on hand to help with expert advice and the TYGRIS Academy is full of tips and tricks. 




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