Acrylic Spray Paints

Getting the look you want has never been easier. Our range of acrylic-based spray paints is the perfect way to give your surfaces a professional finish that looks fantastic. With a whole range of bold colours to choose from (including custom options you can choose yourself), we have something for everywhere. 


These spray paints stick easily to most substrates and take hardly any prep. To get your surfaces ready for a fresh new look, we recommend sanding down any jagged edges and using one of our great quality acrylic primers before painting over with our top-coat paint for a flawless finish.

Give your surfaces a fresh new look, without any unnecessary hassle

The low-effort prep is down to the high opacity, which gives these paints a full-coverage effect with just a couple of light coats. Getting the finish you want is easy from start to finish, with two mixing balls for fast start action and two nozzles to choose from. The fan spray and direct spray nozzles give you power over your painting pattern.


If you need paint with a long-lasting finish, look no further. The high UV stability of these cans results in a brilliant looking finish, while the anti-wear and scratch properties ensure it stays that way for longer than most paints. While the results last for ages, getting them doesn’t. Our paints are dry to the touch in just 15 minutes and fully dry within 24 hours. Safe and lead-free, our range of highly pigmented paints make any surface look fantastic.


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