When it comes to extending the life and improving the performance of your metal components, protecting them from corrosion is the most important factor. Whether they’re exposed to the elements, subjected to heavy loads, or just have a bit of wear and tear, keeping them in peak condition is key. Here at TYGRIS, we offer a range of products that provide outstanding metal protection.


We’re a one stop shop for all of your anti-corrosion needs, so if you need to keep your machinery protected, we have a solution for you. Developed to serve a wide variety of industries, there’s nothing our range can’t deliver! 


If you need high-performance water displacement and rust protection, our aerosols provide powerful de-watering and anti-rust results. WD Anti-Rust Spray drives out unwanted moisture for essential maintenance and provides strong cleaning, degreasing and lubricating properties in one easy to use can. 


To guard your tools against corrosion, Precision De-Watering, Anti-Rust Tool Protector offers light lubrication and leaves behind a protective film, which gives up to two years of protection. We even have a food-safe anti-rust spray for the food and beverage processing industries.


Dealing with the elements? Our Corrosion Guard Grease is specially designed to protect ferrous metals from corrosion, even under less than ideal weather conditions. With 12 months of outdoor protection, this soft grease is resistant to high temperatures and run-off and is compatible with most lubrication greases.


Protecting your plastic moulds and tools has never been easier than with our Anti-Corrosion Plastic Mould Protector Sprays. These sprays displace moisture and leave behind a clear protective film that is also non-staining. 


Anti-Corrosion Zinc Galv Spray is a simple, yet highly effective, way to provide your metal surfaces with an additional layer of protection. These spray paints can be used as a primer, or as an anti-rust shield.


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