De-Watering, Anti-Rust Fluids

Protect Parts And Machinery From Corrosion


Protecting your metal components from rust shouldn't be difficult, which is why we developed our range of dewatering anti-rust sprays. These aerosols ensure the longevity of parts and offer long term prevention against rust.

Our range of sprays protects against rust whatever the conditions and provide powerful penetrating performance. We develop our industrial solutions to serve a variety of environments and sectors, and our anti-rust fluid sprays offer a versatile range.

The TYGRIS WD Anti-Rust Agent is a superior anti-corrosion spray that protects and lubricates metal components and provides rapid penetrating action that directly targets seized components. A silicone-free aerosol, this solution makes targeting rust quick and easy. A multi-use rust preventative spray, R213 can clean, lubricate and degrease.

We understand that water displacement is an important part of maintenance and this spray allows users to access hard to reach areas and even helps to ease the process of dismantling equipment with effective lubrication.

While its fast-acting properties free rusted components quickly, it also leaves behind a waxy flexible barrier film that acts as a shield against further moisture ingress. This film offers full coverage and long term protection, increasing the amount of time between reapplication.

When it comes to the food and beverage processing industry, protecting sliding surfaces and bearings is essential to keeping your operation running smoothly. The PROTEAN WD Anti-Rust Agent is an H1 registered lubricant, ideal for light applications. This spray leaves behind a film that offers total protection from rust and corrosion.

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