Zinc Galvanise Paint

Protect Your Components With Zinc Galvanising Spray


When it comes to preventing corrosion and protecting your metal components from the elements, Zinc Galvanising Spray offers you high-performance results without requiring too much effort. While hot galvanising is an excellent way to protect your equipment, it often requires more time and effort, whereas these sprays provide quick and effective safeguarding.

Cold zinc galvanising spray provides an additional layer of corrosion protection to already galvanised surfaces. Taking this extra step can extend the life of your machinery, pipes, and equipment. Here at TYGRIS, our selection of galvanising sprays is designed to be of excellent quality and highly effective. 

Galvanising spray is made using a mixture of zinc and aluminium priming materials, which adhere to metals and form a strong layer of protection against corrosion and other environmental factors that could lead to damage.

We develop all of our industrial solutions to cater to a wide variety of sectors, and our zinc galvanising spray is no exception. These aerosols are a must-have for businesses that rely on metal equipment, in particular, metal equipment that is stored outside.

Using a high-performance zinc spray means experiencing a formula that can easily cling to surfaces for extended periods of time. Our R224 and R239 bright galv sprays are designed with strong adhesion in mind, so you can rely on them to remain in place. Galv sprays are ideal for metals that have been welded and exposed to air.

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