Why PROTEAN Premium EP2?

Posted by Tygris Team on 22nd Nov 2019

The Benefits Of PROTEAN EP2

Pictured alongside the F408 Chain Spray & F406 Electrical Cleaner at Mackays Jam of Abroath, the TF5704 Premium EP2 is one of our biggest sellers.

Why PROTEAN Premium EP2?

PROTEAN Premium EP2 is an NSF H1 registered, highly versatile grease, developed to resist extreme water wash off and heavy loads. Characterised by an exceptional high dropping point, high load carrying performance, reduced wear and excellent resistance to water and corrosion, PROTEAN Premium EP2, outperforms other premium water resistant greases on several levels, and is best suited for low to medium speed bearings operating under adverse conditions. It is often described as the best grease to use in the food industry and there's good reason for that, it delivers excellent mobility and torque even at sub zero temperatures and offers up to four times life performance than regular mineral oil based grease. 

What are the Benefits? 

  • Superior mechanical stability, particularly in the presence of heat and water
  • Designed to provide superior performance at elevated temperatures and during periods of infrequent lubrication
  • Specially formulated for enhanced resistance to water
  • Life performance up to four times that of a regular mineral oil based grease
  • Kosher Certified

How can I buy PROTEAN Premium EP2?

PROTEAN Premium EP2 comes in three different options

  • 400g tube 

    Premium EP2 Tube

  • 3kg tub 

    3kg tub

  • 18kg tub 

    18kg tub

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