Sanitiser Sprays

Keep Your Environment Clean With Sanitising Spray

Here at TYGRIS, we understand that keeping your businesses safe and free from germs and viruses can be quite a demanding task. More often than not, cleaning your hands and surfaces requires quite a bit of elbow grease and too much time.

Our industrial solutions are all about making difficult tasks easy, and our range of cleaning sprays from DEFENCE+ makes light work of sanitisation. We've ensured that your cleaning routine is a breeze, with handy spray formulations available in compact cans.

All of these disinfectant sprays have been developed to meet the guidelines set out by the World Health Organisation, and offer unbeatable cleaning power that targets bacteria and viruses. We offer a wide range of cleaners suitable for many different applications and environments.

DEFENCE+ Room Sanitiser is a convenient and fast-acting way of sanitising areas with no effort needed. To use this spray, all you have to do is place the can on the floor then clip the button down and let it empty. The spray then disinfects large enclosed areas and gets the job done in just 20 minutes.

The DEFENCE+ Surface Sanitiser is an essential product to keep on hand, no matter your industry. Highly effective, these wipes clean messes effortlessly. A strong disinfectant that kills 99.9% of germs and keeps surfaces looking spick and span. An antibacterial coating left behind protects counters and tables, and a pleasant citrus scent.

For those in the transport industry, sanitising vehicles can be an especially difficult task. Cleaning the upholstery, as well as the plastic components, is often a lengthy task. Our vehicle sanitising spray makes quick work of cars, aeroplanes and train carriages.


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