Make Weld Spatter A Thing Of The Past


When it comes to welding jobs and tasks, having the right spray can make all the difference to your finished project. While many people tend to rely on general use aerosols and lubricants, welding sprays are always the best way to get the job done. 


We offer a selection of top-grade sprays, each of which offers a brilliant final product. Available in an easy to use spray formulation, these aerosols are a one-stop solution in a can for everything from releasing welding spatter to lubricating moulds. Not sure which of our options will work best for you? Our helpful team members are always on hand to help with expert advice.


TYGRIS Weld Spatter Release SBis a high-performance and non-silicone formula developed for use on all welding equipment. This simple spray can be used on everything from workpieces, nozzles, shrouds, jigs and tools. The non-silicone formulation allows this weld spatter spray to be used on metals that require finishing, and stops spatter from adhering to surfaces. Heat resistant and non-flammable, this aerosol is a safe and effective option.

TYGRIS Weld Spatter Release WB is an affordable option, perfect for businesses looking for excellent quality and affordability. Fantastic for those looking for a way to do a bit for the planet, this water-based spray is a greener alternative to solvent-based aerosols.


PRECISION Boron Nitride Ceramic Release Agentprovides a fantastically effective ceramic and boron nitride spray that both stops weld spatter with a dry film protective coating. With an effortless application that gives great results every time, this spray can be used safely on metal components, sensors and cables. 


While PRECISION works fantastically as a weld spatter release spray, it can also be used as a lubricant on moulds and dies. Heat resistant and highly effective, you can count on this aerosol to get the job done.

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