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We’re a pretty inventive bunch here TYGRIS. We've been trusted industrial grease suppliers since 1971 and have only grown our solutions since. We’re always looking for ways to combat long-standing industry problems, and we’re rapidly expanding our product selection to get ahead of the curve. With five ranges on offer, all with their area of expertise, there’s no issue you can’t take on.

Our TYGRIS range has heaps of strong industrial solutions which includes easy to use automotive aerosols, reliable adhesive sprays, effortless line marking paints and applicators and more. The TYGRIS aerosol range is developed with quality you can depend on, and the TYGRIS grease and oil range is made with the same care. From anti-seize greases to WD anti-rust oils, no industrial issue is too much.

PROTEAN is the result of years of research and development and offers the food and beverage industry food-grade solutions that take care of specific problems in clean environments. The entire range is food-safe and includes White Grease, Penetrating Oils, Chain Sprays, and Sugar Dissolving Fluids.

 We all know that keeping our hands and surfaces germ-free is important, and our DEFENCE + range makes bacteria busting easy. We’ll help keep your business, worksite, or even your equipment clean and safe from viruses with vehicle sanitiser, leisure sanitiser and surface sanitiser.

 The newest brand we’ve rolled out is the (in our humble opinion) perfectly named INGENIUS range which includes superior performance products like our Maintenance Sprays and Lithium Ep2 Grease.

 When it comes to the ONEWIPE brand, what you see is what you get. With a range of wipes on offer, you can tackle grease and dirt on hands, surfaces, and tools.

 Our ever-growing range of brands have all been developed with the customer at their core and uses our passion for technical expertise to develop the most inventive, effective, and defensive products on the market.  

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