Our bread and butter brand has been around almost as long as we have, with fantastic quality and high-performance industrial aerosols, greases, and oils. We’ve spent years developing our range to provide the best solutions that perform under the most extreme conditions. Our specialists designed TYGRIS products for applications subjected to but not limited to extreme pressures and temperatures. 

With aerosol products developed to serve a wide range of industries, including automotive aerosols and plastic injection moulding sprays, these easy to use formulations give reliable efficiency with every application. Our bulk industrial greases and oils, including our EP2 Lithium grease, offer high chemical and corrosion resistance, for superior and affordable solutions to all of your needs.

We provide a vast range of products under the TYGRIS brand. Getting a professional paint finish is never easier than with our selection of acrylic spray paints. Available in a wide variety of colours, we have everything you need to prime and finish your surfaces. You can even use our Zinc Galvanising Spray to protect metal components from corrosion, even in bad weather conditions.

We developed our selection of grease to provide a solution for every pain point in the industry. Our range is full of fantastic options, with products that can perform under a variety of conditions. If you’ve been looking for a grease that can be used in marine applications, WR2 Calcium Grease offers excellent water resistance.

Have a big spill on your hands? We offer spill control solutions that range from Chemical Absorbent Matsto Absorbent Cushions. No matter the application, we’re sure to have a product that can get the job done.


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