Liquid Handling & Storage

Keep Your Equipment Safe, With Clever Liquid Storage And Handling From TYGRIS

When it comes to your machinery and equipment, we get that protecting them from any harm is top of the priority list. Spills are unavoidable in a wide range of industries, but liquid damage doesn’t need to be a given! Spill trays are the best way to keep liquids in a contained area and out of the way, so you can keep any potential danger or inconvenience to a minimum. 


If you have a leak that needs to be contained, simply slide one of our TYGRIS drip trays underneath and keep electrical equipment safe. Made from a strong and durable material, these trays are conveniently sized to store as much liquid as possible, without being bulky. The size of these trays means that they’re easy to stack and store, meaning they’re easily kept close to hand. These trays are constructed using 100% polypropylene, a plastic that’s both flexible and tough for long-lasting durability you can count on! The plastic also makes these trays easy to clean, simply wipe down (maybe with one of our DEFENCE+ disinfectant wipes?) and you can get back to doing what matters without contamination.


When using our drip trays, proper PPE should be worn. In an event of a spillage, make sure you always keep spill kits, drain protection and proper disposal bags handy! We offer a wide range of spill control solutions, including absorbent mats and socks. 


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