Our Free Technical Audits - And Why You Should Book Them!

Posted by TEAM101 on 4th Feb 2022

Our Free Technical Audits - And Why You Should Book Them!

How Our Audits Help Your Operation

Audits. These can be either an arduous task or, they can be smooth and stress-free. Here at TYGRIS, we pride ourselves on being experts in the latter!

Our Technical Specialist will come in and look into your processes and recommend areas with room for improvement, or tackle unforeseen issues ahead of time - ultimately giving you peace of mind and ensuring efficiency within your premises.

We have 100% positive feedback in the history of all audits, leaving our customers with the peace of mind they have been at the forefront of every recommendation we give.

Why Should I Bother Booking one? Good Question.

We visit your end-user with only improving efficiency and problem-solving in mind, looking for issues or unforeseen problems within your lubrication and greasing processes.

So many mistakes happen within our industry. Decisions are often made without the confidence and reassurance that the best products are getting used in the proper environments. There's so much room for error! The consequences are sometimes catastrophic, and with thousands of £s of equipment and downtime on the line, it's worth getting the specialist help and reassurance of knowledge for free into the premises. A total no-brainer!

What Can You Get Out Of Our Free Technical Audit

Choosing to let us in and have a look at your manufacturing process, means you are giving your procedures the respect and the very best of care. When you put effort into recognising the importance of keeping everything running smoothly and putting performance-enhancing steps in place, there are only positive outcomes from having a technical specialist visit you or your customer’s site.

It's not only your machines and equipment that get the top-notch services of attention. We have proven time and time again that your efficiency and performance levels will improve. The likelihood of you experiencing breakdowns will decrease, also in some cases your costs.

It’s completely free of charge, so ultimately it's an investment - what is there to lose?

Take into account that it’s not just you that comes out better off, it's your customers and the way they receive your product, it's about meeting expectations of demand from your consumers and delivering to their needs.

So How Do I Book?

  • Give us a call on 01294 311066
  • Fill in our visit form here
  • Send us an email at

Hear from our Technical Specialist, Darren Pughe: 

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