Our Top 4 Oils That Can Handle High Temperatures In The Bakery Industry!

Posted by TEAM101 on 15th Feb 2022

Our Top 4 Oils That Can Handle High Temperatures In The Bakery Industry!

The Top 4 High Temperature Oils 

When it comes to dealing with very high temperatures within the Food Manufacturing and Processing Industry - in applications such as chain ovens in bakeries - need lubricants that can handle extreme heat. Our PROTEAN range aims to make applications in the food industry easier one crumb at a time! For the bakery industry, we suggest two of our top PROTEAN oils for Very High-Temperature tasks.

1.TF4805 PROTEAN 100% Proof

Starting with one of our highest-rated oils:100% Proof is ideal for bakery oven chains, where operation is continuously at high temperatures from -20oC and up to +300oC.

This lubricant is renowned for not forming hard carbon deposits that pose a seriously demanding cleaning task, unlike other oils working in extreme conditions. While 100% Proof offers superior performance and extended fluid life and optimises lubricant economy it also has the distinction of being H1 registered. This means it can be used safely in and around food processing areas.

So why is 100% so highly rated? As it has been so meticulously developed and designed for such a specific environment, this fully synthetic oil is more than capable of meeting the demands set.

Like we said earlier, 100% proof outperforms many oils in the same market. With a longer wet film life and excellent load and anti-wear properties, this is one of the highest quality options out there.

At retail price, we can see this starting from £900, reaching amounts of £1,300 per 20 litres.

2. TF5005 PROTEAN 100% Proof VHT

An H1 registered oil, specially designed for highly loaded and high-temperature environments, and excellent lubrication of chains and bearings running continuously at high temperatures - these temperatures reaching up to 225oC.

Based on synthetic esters and is inhibited against oxidation, containing corrosion and extreme pressure additives, this being designed especially for high load and high-temperature applications.

This oil contains graphite, which delivers many benefits. It enhances the ability for effective lubrication and gives enduring temperature fluctuations, high levels of friction and heavy loads. Graphite has an extremely low coefficient of linear thermal expansion, allowing it to resist thermal shock and is used often in high-temperature sliding materials.

Ideal applications would be the lubrication of conveyor chains and bearings running consistently at high temperatures. As a dry film lubricant, temperatures around 550oC applications would be the likes of textile stenters, drying machines, bakery ovens and paint stoving chains and ovens.

Retail prices are from around £1,000 per 20 litres.

3.TF5220 Chain 150 VHT / TF6620 Chain 320 VHT

An H1 registered premium fully synthetic oil, this lubricant was developed for the effective lubrication of all types of conveyor and drive chains. Both oils are designed to withstand high temperatures continuously of up to 300oC and +320oC for short periods.

The main difference between Chain 150 and Chain 320 is the viscosity - meaning the 320 will be generally better at maintaining film strength and offer more protection at higher temperatures.

The antioxidant-rich oil that is used within this product offers excellent thermal stability. Combined with proven anti-wear, EP and corrosion prevention this all equates to improved performance and not forming carbon deposits.

Ideal applications would be for use on bakery ovens, drying machines and the likes of textile stenters.

We see retail prices from £900 to +£1,000 per 20 litre

There are several more high-temperature oils we offer from our ranges, however, we understand how overwhelming all the options can become. If you are still unsure about what product you think suits your application, we’ll be very excited to help you secure the perfect oil for you. 

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