We're Switching Things Up. Take A Look At The Brilliant New Face Of TYGRIS!

Posted by Emily Lawrence on 25th Jan 2022

We're Switching Things Up. Take A Look At The Brilliant New Face Of TYGRIS!

We're Celebrating 50 Years Of Innovation With A Whole New Look

2021 was another pretty big year for a lot of us. With things getting back to normal after a difficult year as we move into 2022, and for us at TYGRIS we officially turned 50. Reaching the big five-oh is a pretty big deal for most people and businesses, and we’re celebrating the occasion with a whole new look. From our logo to our product packaging, we like to make sure that when we do something we do it in style.

Our older look was great, but we like to think that you can teach an old dog new tricks. In this blog, we’re giving you a look at our brand spanking new branding as it launches. So for an in-depth look at the new face of TYGRIS, keep scrolling!

How TYGRIS Began

Walt Disney World opened its gates from the very first time, Imagine by John Lennon was released, Britain became the 6th country to launch a satellite, and TYGRIS first launched. 1971 was a jam-packed year, and we’ve spent every year since keeping just as busy. We’re based right on the coast, just a stone’s throw away from the Firth of Clyde, and have spent the last half a century bringing incredibly innovative industrial solutions from North Ayrshire to the rest of the world. In the last 50 years, we’ve become a trusted creator of:

  • Aerosols
  • Oils & Greases
  • Spray Paints
  • Industrial Wipes
  • Spill Control Solutions
  • Food-safe lubricants, greases and much more

That’s just a few of the brilliant bits and pieces we offer here, and we’re constantly striving forwards and coming up with the best and brightest solutions that cater to a huge range of industries. A big part of what we do at TYGRIS is coming up with solutions to problems that people face day to day.

“From food-safe grease to penetrating oil, we’ve come a long way in the last 50 years”

We create bespoke products to target specific issues, and our fantastic TEAM101 always keeps their fingers on the pulse of many industries. We’ve used all our years of experience to come up with our brands TYGRIS, PROTEAN, INGENIUS, DEFENCE+ and OneWipe that all come with their own unique benefits.

From food-safe greases to penetrating oil, we’ve come a long way in the last 50 years. Our PROTEAN products are the ideal way to improve operations in food processing , and with more than a year of dedicated research, it’s no wonder that it’s revolutionising the industry one pastry at a time.

We’re dedicated to creating a premium experience for our customers, and the INGENIUS range makes getting the best quality easy. We all know how important keeping things squeaky clean is (especially after the last year and a bit!) and OneWipe and DEFENCE+ makes clearing up simple.

This Is Why We're Giving Our Fantastic Products A Whole New Look

Times are changing! And while we might be veterans of the industrial solution world, we’re always adapting and evolving. With our usual flair and focus we’ve come up with some (if we do say so ourselves) brilliant innovations in the half a century. We’re constantly striving forwards, and our new look is the perfect peek at where we’re heading in the future. So, keep your eyes peeled and watch this space for our best and brightest solutions.

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