Why Should You Choose TYGRIS? How We Revolutionise The Industry

Posted by TEAM101 on 12th Apr 2022

Why Should You Choose TYGRIS? How We Revolutionise The Industry

What Sets TYGRIS Apart?

There are so many options within our industry and choosing the right product will always prove difficult. From the legendary household names to the prominent brands that we see on shelves daily, it can get confusing knowing which one to go with for your application. Particularly when you consider price point and performance.

Here at TYGRIS, we pride ourselves on our dedication to delivering fantastic products and comprehensive service. We put you at the forefront of everything we do, from the distributor to the end-user. In this blog, we're explaining exactly why we are the best choice out there.

Reliable And Accessible

During these (trying) current times, reliability and accessibility are hard to come by. We make sure not to compromise, and never downgrade the service we know you and your team deserve, especially in the current circumstances.

“Over the years, our team has built a strong foundation of in-depth industry knowledge.”

We guarantee a replacement of products if not up to the quality we uphold through a 4-life guarantee - our renowned TYGRIS 4Life Guarantee. We pride ourselves in being transparent and communicating any updates throughout our customer base, offering industry-leading services.

Over the years, our team has built a strong foundation of in-depth industry knowledge. Expertise is available to anyone over the phone, email or social media, with no filters on technical help!

We offer free and accessible information from our fantastic technical specialists and on our website. From data sheets to the TYGRIS Academy, you can get quick answers without any inconvenience.

High-Quality Products

When it comes to creating our range of high-performance products and delivering unbeatable service, we never take shortcuts. Ensuring you only receive the best of the best is our team's top priority.

From on-site visits to in-depth information, TEAM101 is on hand to guide you through the entire process. Our products are developed carefully, with extensive research, to address concerns for various sectors. Whether you need hard wearing grease or handy aerosols, we have you covered.

Technical Expertise

With us, advanced technical knowledge is just one call away. Our team is always curious to know more about your application and specific needs. Although, we don't just do things over the phone!

  • On-site visits: available to visit end-users for a review of the applications on-site, expanding opportunities with our distributors
  • Datasheets and information: accessible to everyone through our website
  • Application-specific recommendations: we give advice suited to your exact environment and application, making sure the product you use will be running in specific conditions.

Ease and convenience

Here at TYGRIS, we understand the different internal processes used to place orders. With our customer base in mind, we believe in making placing orders and trialling products simple.

  • Online ordering platform: as if you were ordering clothes! So easy and simple, made more convenient with a Quick Order Pad for repeat orders, free carriage, and same-day despatch
  • Next-day delivery
  • Free samples

The TYGRIS Ranges

We offer a diverse and high-performing range of industrial solutions. With so many options, our products streamline your suppliers and brands used. Our go-to brand offers everything from spray paints to spill control solutions. We ensure that no matter your industry, you can run things smoothly. From food-safe aerosols to cleaning products, you can rely on us.

Our Food-Safe Grease In Action


The uncertainty within the supply chain is (unfortunately) prominent these days. So we’re making our customers aware in advance of the likelihood of any stock shortages and impacts of these, i.e price increases. With us, you'll never be left in the dark.


We at TYGRIS are making an effort to become more sustainable in our dealings, by reducing wastage throughout our processes and ensuring sustainability is upheld throughout manufacturing.

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