Get Ahead Of The Weather This Winter


Wintery weather can spell disaster for your productivity, halting production and slowing down your operation. Our winter range has everything you need to keep things running smoothly, no matter how wild the weather gets. 

Snow can often result in heaps of downtime, so make sure you stock up on all the products you need to get things moving. Whether it’s clearing off driveways or ensuring the safety of your team when out and about, we have you covered.

By far the easiest way to give dangerous slippery surfaces some much-needed traction, deicing salt is a must-have during the winter months. Often known as road grit, this range of brown rock salt is mined from sustainable sources indigenous to the UK. 

If the messy residue left behind by traditional grit is an issue, our white salt is a brilliant option. You may be clearing paths and want to keep your area looking presentable, in which case, this almost 100% sodium chloride rock salt is an efficient solution.

We offer bulk deicing salt, with pallets and 1-tonne bags available. We do require a forklift upon delivery, and all of our salt options conform to the British Standard. 

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