For over 50 years, TYGRIS has been the engine room of the industrial industry, powering progress with cutting-edge cleaning, lubrication, and protection solutions. From our coastal base on the Firth of Clyde in Scotland, we've become a global force, driving innovation and performance across diverse sectors.

In 2024, we expanded our offerings and innovations to the USA, bringing our industrial prowess to the International market.


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Technical Expertise

Here at TYGRIS, we believe that you CAN teach an old dog new tricks. That's why TEAM101 is constantly innovating, adapting and evolving, turning industry challenges into customised solutions. With half a century of experience and a rebellious spirit, we prove that the age of a business doesn't slow down innovation; it fuels it.

Our Technical Specialists are on hand to help end-users identify potential setbacks in their current processes and provide expert advice and product solutions to improve efficiency. Saving customers time and money.

"We have 100% positive feedback in the history of all audits, leaving our customers with the peace of mind they have been at the forefront of every recommendation we give." - Darren Pughe, Technical & Sales Lead

Revolutionising The Industry

We're more than just grease suppliers. We’re about revolutionising the industry one product at a time. Our vision is to modernise an industry by changing stereotypes and creating a safe place for authenticity, inclusivity and innovation. The magic of the TYGRIS way is that it is accessible to a global audience, driven by user productivity and distributor profitability.

We aim to pave the way to the future for the industrial lubrication sector, reducing downtime while increasing efficiency for all of our customers.

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