Oil Absorbent Granules

Need To Clean Up Spills Quickly? Our Oil Absorbent Granules Have You Covered


Cleaning up large spills doesn’t need to be a massive problem. Here at TYGRIS, we know that quickly and safely clearing up spills is a priority. Our oil absorbent granules are a must-have part of any spill control process, to contain and clean up spills effectively and efficiently. If you want to be prepared for anything, make sure to keep these handy alongside your spill kit and drain covers. With a wide range of absorbents available, we have something for every kind of industry. Stop damage from spills with absorbent granules.


If you’ve been looking for a cost-effective spillage control product that gets the job done, our TYGRIS Industrial Absorbent Granules are a brilliant solution. These clay-based granules are chemically inert, which means they can easily absorb most liquids, aside from strong acids. They leave surfaces grease-free and can be used on most kinds of floors.


Our TYGRIS Superior Absorbent Granules are made using highly absorbent Danish diatomaceous earth, which can handle any type of liquid, including strong acids. These granules leave a skid-free finish, making them safe for use on roads while being easy to spread.

For a high-quality experience that’s sustainable, our eco-friendly Premium Absorbent Granules are made using 100% recycled materials that are highly absorbent. Highly effective on oil spills as well as all other liquid types, these granules are also non-toxic.


Another green option that doesn’t sacrifice its absorbent properties, our Saffire Absorbent Wood Fibre use recycled materials that can be safely incinerated after use. Even spreading these fibres is easy thanks to its lightweight feel.


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