Water Displacement & Protectors

Stock up on our range of Water Displacers & Protectors, where precision meets protection for your metal components. Our range includes products like Corrosion Inhibitors, Plastic Moulding Sprays, Galvanising Sprays, and Water Displacing Sprays, each offering top-tier solutions for various industrial needs.

Explore our standout product, PRECISION Mould & Tool Cleaner Xtra, designed for the efficient removal of surface rust, grease, and oil from injection moulds, dies, and metal components. With its fast-drying solvent and high-powered spray, it leaves no residue, ensuring minimal downtime and effective debris removal from challenging areas.

For demanding plastic mouldings, rely on PRECISION Mould Release Heavy—a release agent with a 15% silicone content. This colourless, non-staining solution offers excellent release properties, high surface slip, and temperature stability up to 300°C. Its versatility extends to workplace lubrication, making it an effective solution for various applications.

TYGRIS Water Displacers & Protectors are engineered for precision, providing superior protection and efficient solutions for your industrial challenges.

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