Spill Control

Spill Control

Discover TYGRIS Spill Control Solutions – your trusted partner in maintaining a safe, efficient, and compliant work environment. At TYGRIS, we recognise the paramount importance of seamless operations and workplace safety. Our extensive range of spill control products includes a range of absorbent pads, granules and spill kits, crafted to address all types of spills including oil based, water based or chemical spills. 


From liquid handling storage solutions to ready-to-deploy spill kits, TYGRIS provides hassle-free spill prevention and control options. Our drip trays offer a secure space for liquid collection, designed for stackability to enhance convenience. Need efficient material removal? Explore our 2-wheeled bins for swift and effective cleanup.


In the unfortunate event of a spill, TYGRIS has you covered. Our comprehensive lineup includes products tailored for chemical and oil spills, featuring absorbent mats, rolls, socks, and pillows designed for quick and efficient cleanup. With specialised oil-only absorbents and chemical absorbent mats available in packs of 100, TYGRIS makes tough cleaning easy and cost-effective.


Handling oil spills can be a challenging task, but TYGRIS simplifies the process with specially developed oil absorbent granules that ensure speedy cleanup. Trust TYGRIS to safeguard your drains and address every aspect of your operational needs. Operate with peace of mind – choose TYGRIS for spill control efficiency.

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