Food Grade

Introducing TYGRIS's cutting-edge Food Grade range – a revolutionary line of products meticulously designed for the food and beverage processing industry. At TYGRIS, we are committed to pushing boundaries and elevating industry standards with our latest innovation, PROTEAN. Our team of experts spent over a year working on one of our most innovative ranges. We worked with intense focus, extensive research and significant end-user engagement, all to create the brilliant PROTEAN range.


Our PROTEAN range aims to empower the food and beverage processing industry, as well as smaller kitchens and cleanroom environments, with forward-thinking solutions ensuring seamless operations free from contamination risks. Specially crafted for diverse applications, even in challenging environments, the PROTEAN range encompasses everything required for optimal equipment maintenance, offering top-notch cleaning, lubricating, and protection solutions.


Experience unparalleled ease of use and superior results with our food-safe aerosols. Featuring a convenient spray formulation, these cans house an array of products ranging from food-safe grease to highly effective food-safe cleaners


TYGRIS understands the paramount importance of maintaining a hygienic environment in food processing, and our food-safe cleaning products make it both safe and simple. Our food-approved instant degreaser effortlessly tackles dirt and grease, while our sugar-dissolving fluid eliminates stubborn sugar deposits. Even tricky areas like electronics are covered with our electrical cleaner, ensuring effective degreasing of components.


TYGRIS's commitment to excellence extends to our food-safe grease selection, including the innovative Submersive Extreme, designed to withstand water in high-pressure or high-temperature environments.


Streamline your food-safe operations with TYGRIS's PROTEAN range – where innovation meets reliability, setting new benchmarks in the food and beverage processing industry.

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