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PROTEAN Optimum 2 is a highly versatile, NSF: H1 registered, premium+ PFPE-based lubricant, offering a unique combination of exceptionally high and low temperature performance, chemical inertness and high load carrying capacity to satisfy even the most demanding lubrication needs. Originally engineered for the Food & Beverage industry, PROTEAN Optimum 2 significantly reduces wear to increase service life of critical components that operate under extreme circumstances, or are hard to relubricate and require long life lubrication.

Also suitable for Packaging, Pharmaceutical and other cleanroom environments

  • NSF: H1 registered (lubricant with incidental food contact, for use in and around food processing areas)

  • For lifetime lubrication of bearings, chains, slides and other machine parts used in environments where

    conditions prevent the use of conventional greases.

  • Good oxidation stability ensures prolonged lubrication intervals at high temperatures

  • Exceptional low levels of carbonisation at high operating temperatures help extend component life

  • Extreme resistance to chemicals and suitable in the presence of oxygen

  • Exhibits excellent EP performance with a 4 ball weld load of 500kg

  • Temperature range -25°C to +280°C



NSF Registration No: 154133
Allergens: Does not contain allergens, genetically modified ingredients, nut oil or derivatives.
Appearance: Smooth white grease
NLGI Classification: 2
Thickener: PTFE
Drop Point (IP132): >280°C
Base Oil: Perfluorinated Polyether
Relative Density: 1.9
Operating Temperature Range: -25°C to +280°C

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