Corrosion Inhibitors

Welcome to TYGRIS Corrosion Inhibitors, where we prioritise the longevity and efficiency of your industrial components. Our spotlight product, TYGRIS WD Anti-Rust Agent, boasts super powerful water displacement properties, leaving a protective film to guard against corrosion. Its rapid penetrating action is ideal for seized components, making maintenance a breeze. This silicone-free aerosol is an all-in-one solution, offering cleaning, lubricating, and degreasing properties for comprehensive maintenance needs.


For exceptional metal protection against heat, rust, seizure, and corrosion, turn to TYGRIS Copper A-S Advanced. Resistant to water and acids, this anti-seize compound is effective up to 1100°C, making it ideal for threaded components, pins, valve stems, and more. It ensures the smooth assembly and disassembly of components while eliminating brake squeal, demonstrating our commitment to excellence in corrosion prevention.


Prolong the life of your machinery and increase the efficiency of your operations today with our range of anti-corrosion solutions.

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