Food Grade Greases

At TYGRIS, providing the highest qualities greases suitable for use in a wide range of industries is our speciality. Our expertise has led to the development of our game-changing food grade grease selection as part of our NSF registered PROTEAN brand. The result of more than a year of hard work and research, we’ve created a range that gives those in the food and beverage processing industry peace of mind!


We know how important it is to keep things running smoothly, and our food safe lubricant is the perfect way to make sure your machinery is in tip-top shape. Thanks to our dedication to solving problems the food and beverage industry face we have plenty of food safe grease to suit a variety of uses.


If you have a plant that needs frequent wash downs, our PROTEAN White Grease has excellent water resistance you can rely on, with anti-wear properties for a long-lasting effect. Or if stopping food adhering to your machinery is a top priority, then the PROTEAN 3H1 Food Grease not only stops pesky food residue but you can also enjoy a longer component life. All of our food safe grease range comes with our TYGRIS 4 Life guarantee, so you can count on unbeatable quality.


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