Spray Paints

Explore TYGRIS's comprehensive range of Spray Paints, a must-have for surface preparation and transformation. Designed for versatility, these paints offer fast-drying priming solutions compatible with various materials such as metal, aluminium, fibreglass, and wood. Choose from a diverse colour palette, including matt black spray paint for metal and red primer, for your specific project needs.

TYGRIS's spray paints are user-friendly, featuring two mixing balls for a quick start-up and ensuring a professional-grade finish effortlessly. The fast-drying action means you can enjoy a completed project in no time – dry to the touch within 15 minutes with just a few light coats.

Not only do TYGRIS Spray Paints provide an appealing aesthetic, but they also offer essential protection. These paints are wear and scratch-resistant, lead-free, and create a long-lasting layer that helps prevent corrosion, ensuring your surfaces stay in fantastic condition. Elevate your surface finishing with TYGRIS – the reliable choice for quality spray paints.

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