Plastic Moulding Sprays

Check out our adaptive range of TYGRIS Plastic Moulding Sprays, a comprehensive collection tailored to elevate your industrial moulding processes. Our precision-engineered solutions include Plastic Mould Cleaners, Mould Protectors, and Mould Releasing Agents.

Designed for the plastic moulding industry, the PRECISION Green Mould Protector, meticulously formulated for moisture displacement, creates an ultra-thin green film. This film protects moulds and tooling from corrosion during storage, ensuring longevity and reducing scrapped mouldings.

For the effective removal of stubborn deposits on injection moulds and metal components, turn to PRECISION Mould & Tool Cleaner Supa. Its slow evaporation allows thorough cleaning, even on warm moulds. Trust TYGRIS for the highest quality in Plastic Moulding Sprays, backed by our TYGRIS Guarantee 4life, ensuring 100% customer satisfaction.

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