Spill Kits

Need A Way To Quickly Take Care Of Spills?


Why struggle with spills when you can take care of them with an easy-to-use all-in-one kit? Our spill kits are ideal for quickly and economically taking care of messes, protecting your worksite or factory safe while minimising clean up and downtime. Nobody likes to cut back on valuable work time, especially when it’s to tackle messy spills, and our quick deployment and disposal industrial spill kits help to improve site safety. 


If you’ve been looking for a way to quickly and safely dispose of potentially harmful liquids, then we have a solution that’ll work for you! When it comes to clearing up, our two-wheeled bins make chucking out chemicals both safe and simple. Easy to manoeuvre, these bins quickly get to the spill site without any fuss. Available in both 360 l capacity and 120 l capacity, there’s plenty of room for even large messes. The TYGRIS bins have are dual-use for both storage and disposal, offering a brilliantly convenient spill solution. 


We have solutions for oil only spills, oil and water-based spills, chemical spills and kit accessories. There’s something for everyone in our range. We offer two-wheeled kits with everything from absorbent mats, socks, hazard tape, disposal bags and safety signs. Choose from a range of capacities including:



For oil and water-based spills, we also offer easy to use on-the-go maintenance kits that are a must-have to keep on hand. With kits tailored for chemical spills and a varied selection of spill kit accessories that includes special disposal bags, there’s something for every mess that keeps you prepared.


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