Spill Kits for Chemical Fluids

These kits offer useful all-in-one solutions to spills, and our on-the-go chemical spill kit is a mobile method of cleaning up chemical-based fluids. With a capacity of 50 litres, this surprisingly compact kit is stored in a zip-close vinyl bag with a strap that makes moving to spill sites easy. With absorbent mats, absorbent socks and disposal bags included, this durable kit bag is ideal for any small to medium-sized spills. 

For other smaller messes, we have a variety of Chemical Emergency Spill Kits. Stored in a super handy pop to close the plastic bag, these compact kits are incredibly easy to store and transport. With everything, you need to take care of chemical spills including absorbent socks, disposal bags and more! 


If you have a bigger spill that you need to take care of, then worry no more. Our two-wheeled bins store all of the essentials you need for taking care of mess. With capacity options that include

For even larger spills, our four-wheeled bins have all the absorbent materials you need with a 500 litre and 1000 litre capacity. The drop front ensures you can get to them quickly, and like the rest of our options, makes cleaning spills easily.


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