Galvanising Sprays

Stock up on TYGRIS Galvanising Sprays – your ultimate solution for metal surface protection. Our Galvanising Sprays, including Heavy Duty Zinc Galv Spray and Bright Zinc Galv Spray, act as shields, defending against corrosion and rust. These sprays offer a sacrificial layer of zinc, ensuring your metal stays pristine even in challenging conditions.

Heavy Duty Zinc Galv Spray provides active metal protection and serves as an excellent primer coat. Its sacrificial zinc properties create a robust defence mechanism, making it suitable for various surfaces. On the other hand, Bright Zinc Galv Spray is designed for cosmetic finishing and protection of previously exposed surfaces, preventing oxidisation and corrosion.

Explore the benefits of high zinc content, resistance to weathering, and quick-drying formulas. Whether for bare metal or previously coated surfaces, TYGRIS Galvanising Sprays deliver reliable protection and are a versatile choice for all your metal surface needs.

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