TYGRIS Bright Zinc Galv Spray - R224


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Size: 400ml
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TYGRIS Bright Zinc Galv Spray is used for the cosmetic finishing and protection of previously galvanised surfaces where the component has been cut or welded, thereby exposing metal to the air. Zinc is a sacrificial metal and will prevent oxidisation and corrosion. Resins in the coating cause it to bond firmly to the substrate.



  • Zinc content assists in corrosion prevention;
  • Resistant to salt spray and weathering;
  • Excellent heat resistance;
  • Aluminium powder gives a brighter finish to help blend with existing coatings;
  • Can be used on previously coated surfaces;
  • High purity powders;
  • Excellent adhesion and quick drying;

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Consult the safety data sheet prior to use - suitable Personal Protection Equipment should be worn. Ensure surface to be coated is clean, dry and free from grease. Shake can until agitator ball can be heard and then for a further 1 to 2 minutes. Spray from 25-30 cm, building up layers in light coats. Allow 10 minutes drying time. Dispose of used aerosols in line with local and national regulations.
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