At TYGRIS, we pride ourselves in offering world-class support for our distribution partners, supply partners and of course, our end users. We pride ourselves on being industry leaders with our technical knowledge and product innovation and constantly looking for ways to improve. At TEAM101, we all collectively resonated with the analogy of water boiling at 100° and steam being created at 101° - for us, this represented going the extra mile. As a team, our mission is simple but always keeps us focused, being ‘Create An Amazing Experience’.


Jed Simpson


Meet Jed. After taking over the family business, Jed has become the driving force behind the team and the company. Determined and driven by his vision and commitment to supporting his team, his clients, the industry and the wider community - Jed strives to go the extra mile, do more than is expected, and push through the pain to achieve. Fun Fact! Jed used to keep pet snakes when he was younger!

"The magic of 'THE TYGRIS WAY' accessible to a global audience - driven by user productivity and distributor profitability" - Jed Simpson


Jon Simpson


Meet Jon. Family man and Sustainability Champion. After following in the footsteps of his father, Jon took over the business with his brothers, continuing to grow the brand through the eighties and nineties. Jon is passionate about TYGRIS as they actively develop environmentally friendly products, helping to secure the future for oncoming generations. Fun Fact! He loves going on scenic walks and snapping photos of rare birds.

“We are committed to bringing to our customers the greatest possible experience in our communications, our service, and our products.” - Jon Simpson


Ashton Palmer


Meet Ashton. Ashton’s day-to-day involves working on things such as budgets, product development and compliance. He is passionate about TYGRIS because the team has a great atmosphere, and all work towards the same goal of reducing downtime and increasing efficiency for our customers. Fun Fact! Ashton loves going out for a drive and taking road trips - especially to the Isle of Skye!


Darren Pughe


Meet Darren. Darren has been a part of TYGRIS for over eight years and has worked his way up from a Technical Specialist to a Sales Manager. His responsibilities include helping the Sales team, along with a team of Technical Specialists, deliver the best service possible to customers and distributors. Darren’s favourite thing about TYGRIS is their collective drive to continually improve. Fun Fact! Despite Darren’s strong Scottish accent - he is actually proud to be Welsh!

"What's special about TYGRIS for me is the drive to continually improve. I joined the business 8 years ago, and since then, we have been on a journey to improve the business for us, but most importantly, for our customers." - Darren Pughes


Colin Strachan


Meet Colin. Colin’s main role is to ensure customers get their goods in good time and to a high standard. Another important part of Colin’s day is to help with budgets and save money! Colin enjoys working at TYGRIS as he believes we all make up a strong team of trustworthy, knowledgeable and well-connected people. Fun Fact! Colin is currently learning Gaelic.

"Why TYGRIS? Because I feel we have a strong team of good connections together, we are trustworthy and knowledgeable." - Colin Strachan


Toni Baxter


Meet Toni. Toni excels in providing internal support for on-the-road reps and technical specialists. She admires TYGRIS's unique commitment to problem-solving, with a relentless focus on enhancing efficiency and minimising downtime at the forefront of the company's ethos. Toni's role reflects our dedication to delivering top-tier solutions to our clients.

“TYGRIS bridges (and surpasses) the gap from mediocre to exceptional” - Toni Baxter


Jill Anderson


Meet Jill. Jill’s role as Sales Team Leader involves looking after existing distributors, ensuring that all their orders and met on time, sent out in a timely manner, and to a high standard. She enjoys helping to keep her team motivated and make sure they all hit their targets. Jill came to TYGRIS looking for a new work family and admired Jed and Darren’s positivity and the company’s forward-thinking ethos. Fun Fact! Jill can juggle with 3 balls!

"I just really admired the positivity, forward-thinking and ethos that they seem to have here at TYGRIS, and it's displayed every single day as a team. That's what I love about working here at TYGRIS" - Jill Anderson


Max Green


Meet Max, another great Technical Specialist of ours. Max works closely with distributors who are distributing TYGRIS products to other end-users and will often head out with distributors to visit other businesses to find out what their problems are and then ultimately find the solution to fix them. Fun Fact! He is an uncle of 11 nieces and nephews!

"If I were a TYGRIS product, I'd be 100% Proof, something that is really high temperature, basically Top Dog!" - Max Green


Callum Patterson


Meet Callum, our General Manager over in the USA! With a keen eye, he not only represents our business across seas, but he also oversees operations, and fosters growth opportunities across the sectors in the States. Fun Fact! When Callum was growing up, his backyard was home to over 50 chickens!

“As General Manager at TYGRIS US, I oversee operations and opportunities across America as TYGRIS goes global!” - Callum Patterson


Lesley Devine


Meet Lesley. Lesley is a vital member of TYGRIS's TEAM101, taking on the crucial responsibility of fulfilling orders and ensuring timely shipments to customers. With a keen eye for detail and a dedication to efficiency, Lesley plays a pivotal role in the smooth operation of the fulfilment process. Fun Fact! Everyone knows her as Lesley, but her real name is Lesley-Jane!

"TYGRIS is a good team; it's TEAM101, and you feel part of the family." - Lesley Devine


Lynn Beattie


Meet Lynn, the backbone of TEAM101's inbox operations. She navigates the daily demands with dedication and efficiency, always yearning to be part of the best team. Fun Fact! in her early driving days, Lynn honed her skills performing three-point turns in a tractor.

"I wanted to be part of TEAM101 cause it's the best team to be with!" - Lynn Beattie


Siobhan Galloway


Meet Siobhan, our Credit Controller and book balancer! When she’s not organising the finances or working on spreadsheets, you’ll often find her at trade shows getting to know our clientele and helping things run smoothly!

"I was a major band geek and trumpet player in school!" - Siobhan Galloway

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