Introducing our range of TYGRIS Degreasers, where powerful solutions meet tough grease and grime challenges. Our range includes standout products like TYGRIS Engine Degreaser, a heavy-duty solvent emulsifier that effortlessly removes oil, grease, and tar from engines and surfaces. Ideal for metallic, plastic, and painted surfaces, it simplifies degreasing tasks with efficient results. 

TYGRIS Electrical Degreaser, a rapid and highly effective agent, is tailored for electrical equipment, ensuring residue-free cleanliness and safe use of plastics. For food environments, PROTEAN Instant Degreasing Cleaner is the ultimate safeguarding solution— A1 registered, ready-to-use cleaner with anti-bacterial properties, swiftly removing grease and grime while meeting BS EN 1276 standards. Elevate YOUR degreasing experience with TYGRIS.

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