Food Safe Sprays

Discover TYGRIS Food Grade Sprays, an integral component of our PROTEAN range, dedicated to simplifying users' lives. Available in a convenient aerosol format, these food safe sprays are a crucial part of the PROTEAN range, offering ease of application and compact usability. From anti-rust agents, silicone sprays to sticky label removers, our aerosol cans streamline various processes.


In the world of food processing, timing is crucial, and our food-safe aerosols save you time and effort when you need it most. Benefit from our colour-coded PROTEAN cans, ensuring you always have the right solution at your fingertips. Whether you require food-safe grease for smooth operations, such as our formulated PROTEAN White Grease spray, or a precision job with our PROTEAN Penetrating Oil for releasing seized components, our aerosols cover all your needs.

From food-grade cleaners to silicone sprays, TYGRIS Food Safe Sprays make food processing effortlessly efficient. Trust in our commitment to reducing downtime and increasing efficiency.

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