PROTEAN Synthetic Ejector Pin Lubricant - F445


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Size: 400ml
Food Safe: Yes
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Ensure smooth operation and prevent contamination in your plastic injection molding process with PROTEAN Synthetic Ejector Pin Lubricant. This high-temperature, food-safe synthetic lubricant is specifically designed for ejector pins, pillars, and bushes, offering superior performance in demanding environments.

Key Features:

Food Safe Registration (H1): Approved for use in food contact areas, minimising contamination risk.
Long-Lasting Lubrication: Highly tenacious formula resists wear and tear, reducing relubrication frequency.
High-Temperature Performance: Withstands temperatures up to 240°C, ideal for hot mould applications.
Reduced Friction: Delivers high surface slip for smooth pin movement and efficient mould release.
Water Resistant: Protects against water washdown and corrosion.
Fully Synthetic: Offers clean performance and compatibility with plastics.


  • Minimises downtime and maintenance needs
  • Improves product quality by preventing contamination
  • Extends the life of ejector pins and mold components
  • Enhances operational efficiency in high-heat environments


Easy Application:

Shake can well before use.
Apply a thin layer from 20-30 cm distance.
Wipe off excess with a clean cloth.
Use applicator straw for hard-to-reach areas.


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