Spill Kit Accessories

If you’re well prepared for potential spills, you know it’s important to stay stocked up. If you have a spill kit ready to roll out but are just missing a couple of bits and pieces, then we’ve got you covered. We have spill kit accessories that are the perfect solution to the parts you’re missing and get you on the move to cleaning up oil spills and chemical spills in no time! Getting caught out without everything you need can have a major impact on your downtime during cleaning, so why not make things easier?

We offer spill kits for oil, chemical, and water spills; and these accessories can be used for all types. With our two-wheeled kits, you can easily manoeuvre your way to the site of the spill, and also make for easy disposal as well as storage. If your bins have seen the worst of a few spills and are a little worse for wear, then we offer our TYGRIS bins separately. Choose from a range of capacities including: 

We offer our spill kit contents separately, so if you’re looking for a cost-effective site safety solution, look no further. If you need extra disposal bags to safely get rid of used absorbents, then we have just what you need. Or, if you need a quick way to protect your drains then why not try out the TYGRIS leak putty?

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