TYGRIS Oil Only Absorbent Mats - Medium (Pack 100)-AO112 | Absorbency 1L Per Sheet


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Data Sheet



TYGRIS Oil only absorbent mat is for spills involving oil-based products. Light and easy to handle, these mats are available to be shipped in appropriate quantities depending on the spill, avoiding the waste associated with granular absorbents. Easily disposable once saturated, these mats are useful when used around leaking machinery.



  • Light and easy to deploy;
  • Melt blown for maximum absorption;
  • Absorb without leaving messy deposits;
  • Leaves the floor dry;
  • Water repellent - suitable for use outside or on water (Will lift oil off the water surface);
  • Absorbs oil-based spills;


Consult the safety data sheet before use - wear suitable Personal Protection Equipment if necessary. Lay a sufficient number of layers to cover the spill. Leave until saturated and dispose of in line with local and national regulations.


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