TYGRIS Chemical Absorbent Mats - Medium (Pack 100)-AC112 | Absorbency 1L Per Sheet


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Order our Pack of 100 TYGRIS Mediumweight Chemical Absorbent Mats for spills that are water and oil-based. Easy to use and more absorbent than our lightweight absorbent mats. Absorbent mats are a must-have in all skill kits. 



  • Light and easy to deploy;
  • Melt blown for maximum absorption;
  • Absorbs without leaving messy deposits; Leaves the floor dry;
  • Absorbs chemical, oil and water-based spills;


Consult the safety data sheet before use - Make sure to wear suitable Personal Protection Equipment. Lay a sufficient amount of sheets to cover the spill. Leave until saturated and dispose of in line with local and national regulations. 

*Image for illustrative purposes only


*Image for illustrative purposes only

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