TYGRIS Saffire Absorbent Wood Fibre - KS70 - Pallet of 70 Bags


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Want To Take All The Heavy Lifting Out Of Spill Control?


  • Non-Dusty Wood Fibre Absorbent
  • Harmless To The Environment
  • Naturally Lightweight


One of the trickiest aspects of spill control is trying to do it without harming the environment. Potentially toxic liquids can be dangerous enough, which is why we offer such a wide range of spill solutions. Here at TYGRIS, we have everything from spill kits, absorbent mats and drain covers that make spill control easier. 


Absorbent granules are an essential addition to your process for taking care of industrial spills and our Saffire absorbent wood fibre granules are a must-have sustainable spill solution. Made from entirely natural materials, you can do your bit for the planet with every spill.


While traditional absorbent granules can sometimes be a bit difficult to spread, these 100% recycled wood chips take all the heavy lifting out of the operation. Naturally lightweight, these fibres are fantastically easy to handle and dispose of. Speaking of disposal, Sapphire Absorbent Fibres are biodegradable and can even be safely incinerated which lowers the cost of removal.


The wood fibres have been treated with sodium bicarbonate of soda, which makes them flame retardant and even safer to use. 



Consult the safety data sheet prior to use - suitable Personal Protection Equipment should be worn. Spread on spill affected area, then leave to absorb the spillage. Sweep the floor clean and repeat the process if necessary to ensure a safe, dry and slip free surface, then dispose of the contaminated absorbent as waste, in accordance with local regulations, bearing in mind the product absorbed.


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