TYGRIS Oil Only Socks 1.2M - AO131 (Pack 20)


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Absorbent socks for oil based spills. An effective product for quickly deploying in the event of oil based spills, quickly blocking off and diverting leaking liquids. Useful for placing around leaking machinery, preventing spills spreading and becoming a safety hazard. The durable outer sleeve absorbs and passes liquids to the centre of the sock.

Benefits & Features

  • Easy to deploy
  • Good for initial response with large volumes of liquid
  • User around leaking machinery
  • Durable outer cover
  • Oil selective - will float on water
  • Hugs to contours and uneven surface
Appearance: White Sock
Material: Spun bond polypropylene outer, polypropylene fill
Dimensions: 8cm diameter x 1.2metre long
Absorbency: Minimum 2.4 litres per sock depending on fluid absorbed
Saturation Time: Approx 60-120 minutes for 10W/40 engine oil


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