TYGRIS Oil Only Absorbent Booms (Pack 4)-AO151 | Absorbency 16.9L Per Boom


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TYGRIS Oil only marine booms are used on waterways, rivers, streams, lakes and ponds to absorb oil contamination from the surface. They will float indefinitely and will not sink even when saturated with oil. Robust metal clips and rings are fitted to enable booms to be fitted together, providing any length of containment.



  • Will float on water indefinitely;
  • Clips and rings to join booms together to span waterways;
  • Can be overlapped;
  • Retrieval rope runs the boom’s length;
  • Use on rivers, lakes and streams;
  • Large oil capacity;
  • Important precaution against heavy fines levied for waterway contamination;
  • Absorbs oil based spills;
  • Absorbency; 16.9L Per Boom


Consult the safety data sheet prior to use - suitable Personal Protection Equipment should be worn. Lay booms on water surrounding contaminated area, using the joining clips and rings to provide the required length of boom. Saturated booms should be disposed of in line with local and national regulations.


*Image for illustrative purposes only

Appearance: White boom with metal connecting clips

Material: Spun bond polypropylene net outer sock, polypropylene pulp inner material, polypropylene plaited rope and stainless steel joining rings and clips

Dimensions: 20cm diameter x 3 metres long

Absorbency: Approx 16.9 litres depending on material to be absorbed

Saturation Time: Approx 120-180 minutes for 10W/40 engine oil

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