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Everyone knows that the key to success is being prepared. Our range of TYGRIS priming spray paints is the best way to get your surfaces ready for anything, even if it’s just another coat of spray paint. With a wide range of colours to choose from, including matt black spray paint and red primer paint, you can find your perfect match or get creative. 

These fast-drying priming paints are compatible with most materials including metal, aluminium, fibreglass, wood and more. The acrylic-based paint adheres easily to surfaces, and with unique high opacity, can even be sprayed straight onto old paint. 

These easy-to-use cans achieve professional grade finish with ease. The two mixing balls allow for a quick start-up, and the fast-drying action means you can enjoy a finished product in no time. Our primer paint should be dry to the touch in just 15 minutes with just a few light coats. 

But why opt for primer? Well, not only does it look great, it provides your surfaces with essential protection. Safe and lead-free, this paint is wear and scratch-resistant for a long-lasting layer that helps prevent corrosion and ensures your surfaces look fantastic.

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