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Here at TYGRIS, we understand the importance of keeping your environment clean and free from dirt and viruses. That’s why we developed our expansive range of powerful cleaning products, specially designed to serve a variety of different industries. Whether you need cleaning products for day to day sanitising, or something a little stronger, we have you covered. 


If you’re in the service, hospitality, event or leisure industry you’ll know that keeping on top of regular cleaning is vital. So, we thought we’d make it a little bit easier! Our DEFENCE+ range has everything you need to keep your surfaces (and more) germ-free. 


DEFENCE+ Surface Sanitiser is an effective anti-bacterial spray that eliminates 99.9% of germs, which keeps counters, desks and more in excellent condition while providing long-term protection from bacteria. 


If you want additional protection, then why not pair this spray with the DEFENCE+ Room Sanitiser? This aerosol makes light work of sanitising large rooms, effectively ridding enclosed spaces of germs and bacteria in just 20 minutes. For those in the transportation industry, the DEFENCE+ Vehicle Sanitiser provides powerful cleaning with little effort.


For heavy-duty cleaning, our industrial cleaners help make tackling tough deposits such as grease residue, oil and bitumens simple. TYGRIS HydroTough 100 is a fantastically effective solution that outlasts traditional cleaners and degreasers. For the food and beverage processing industry, we offer food-safe cleaning solutions, including degreasing spray and sugar dissolving fluid.


Looking for something to make cleaning a bit quicker? We offer a selection of industrial cleaning wipes that includes effective hand wipes as well as convenient surface wipes.


Tackling potentially harmful spills can be daunting, but our spill control solutions help clear fluids without any harm to your team, machinery or environment.

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