Here at TYGRIS, we have spent 50 years transforming the world of industrial solutions with innovative products. Since 1971 we’ve developed and expanded our range of Grease and Oil to provide a range of industries with the best solutions that perform even under the most extreme conditions, and are trusted industrial grease suppliers.


Our specialist greases offer excellent performance, so you can keep your operation running smoothly. With a massive range that includes specialist greases for specific applications, you can find everything you need to lubricate and protect your metal components while fighting corrosion.


These specialist designed greases are made for applications subjected to, but not restricted to, low or high temperatures as well as extreme pressures or conditions. Our greases and oils offer high chemical and corrosion resistance and deliver a superior, yet affordable, solution for all your grease needs. Our industrial oils are also developed to the highest quality, so you can get the job done safely and to a high standard. 


If you need to quickly release corroded components, our fast-acting penetrating oil is ideal for fast and effective results. Or, if you need an oil that can operate at high temperatures, silicone oil is resistant to extreme heat as well as moisture and oxidation.

We’ve been developing our industrial grease range for decades, so it’s no surprise that we have such a varied selection. Our anti-seize grease range offers products with excellent moisture resistance, corrosion protection and lubrication. When dealing with demanding conditions, our high-temperature grease and high-speed grease deliver fantastic results with ease. 

We have greases suitable for a variety of components including our specialised open gear grease and wire rope greases. We also offer silicone greases created with a high-performance formulation. We even have a selection of grease applicators, so you can get to work faster!

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