INGENIUS MAINTAIN101 - Multi-Purpose Maintenance Spray


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Size: 400ml
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  • Protects metal components from corrosion
  • Comes With 360° Valve For All Over Use
  • Cleans through dirt and grime


If you’ve been looking for a way to cut down the time spent on maintenance, then look no further. Here at TYGRIS, we’re all about making things easier, and our all in one maintenance spray makes taking care of your metal components more effortless than ever. With a wide range of capabilities, the INGENIUS MAINTAIN101 Multi Purpose Maintenance spray takes care of all your maintenance issues.


This silicone-free spray is enhanced with performance improving enhancers including PTFE and advanced corrosion inhibitors, for a genius solution in a can. MAINTAIN101 easily penetrates and releases seized corroded components, which not only increases component life but makes any assembly or disassembly in the future much easier. This spray doesn’t just help with seizure, but can guard against corrosion and drives out moisture for effective protection.


Aside from protection, it also acts as a long-lasting lubricant that doesn’t stain and keeps your parts working smoothly. This maintenance spray also provides fantastic cleaning power, and can power through dirt, grease, and grime on most surfaces! With so many uses MAINTAIN101 gives you effective Lubrication, Cleaning And Protecting in one handy 400ml can!

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