Destroy 99.9% Of Germs With Effective Antibacterial Sprays

We all know how important it is to keep our work environments safe and free from bacteria and viruses. We developed our DEFENCE+ range during the COVID-19 pandemic to meet the huge surge in industry demand for effective hygiene solutions, to help keep things moving and keep workers safe. 

We always focus on our customers, and while developing this newest range we spoke to key workers to come up with the best possible solutions. With hand sanitiser gel and leisure and workwear sanitiser in heaps of varieties that all meet WHO guidelines, so you can always ensure that your environment is free of any germs. 

One of the fastest (and most effective) ways to clear flu viruses and other germs from an enclosed space is with the DEFENCE+ Room Sanitiser. Supplied in a handy aerosol formulation, simply leave the can on a flat surface, clip the button down and allow the can to empty.

The antibacterial spray immediately gets to work and can leave a room germ free in just 20 minutes. All that's left behind is a pleasant citrus scent and an antibacterial coating that protects surfaces. This coating quickly evaporates and leaves no residue, and kills 99.9% of bacteria.

For those in an industry where vehicles are a key concern, our DEFENCE+ Vehicle Sanitiser offers unbeatable cleaning power for a highly effective spray. Whether you offer ride-sharing services, vehicle hire or work in the transportation industry, this spray provides fast-acting cleaning in just 20 minutes. This excellent sanitiser is ideal for trains, cars, planes and more, you can rely on a germ-free finish. It can also be used as a high-quality air conditioning cleaner.

When it comes to hired workwear, sports gear and shoes - fighting germs is always a big concern. Our shoe spray has bactericidal properties and is brilliant for ensuring shared gear stays safe. Preventing infection is vital and with DEFENCE+ it has never been easier.

No matter your industry, using a high-performance surface cleaner is an essential product to have on hand. DEFENCE+ Surface Sanitiser. Flat surface cleaners target bacteria to clear messes rapidly.


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