OneWipe is the brand that does exactly what they say on the tub. Specially formulated to tackle dirt and grime with ease, these antibacterial wipes are designed to clear even the most stubborn of substances. We offer a wide selection of wipes that includes alcohol wipes, surface wipes and (of course) powerful engineer wipes.

This expansive range of wipes has been designed for use by professionals across different trades. No matter the mess, our industrial wipes are an essential accessory for any business. What makes these wipes different you ask? 

We create our ranges to provide a solution to common issues and OneWipe is no exception. One of the problems that we kept seeing with other wipes was that they dried far too quickly. This results in a subpar cleaning, and wasted wipes from continental use. OneWipe makes this problem a thing of the past, by using a highly absorbent material designed to retain moisture for longer. 

Another common issue we noticed was that other wipes on the market were a little on the small side. Our range provides larger options that are big enough to tackle any mess. Thanks to the foil-sealed freshness, one wipe is all it takes to target stubborn messes.

There’s really nothing these wipes can’t take on, and the heavy-duty cleaner makes light work of tough spills and stains. We carefully created this range to clear many wet and semi-cured substances, including:

  • Adhesive Glue

  • Dirt And Grime

  • Grease

  • Petrol

  • Oil

  • Ink

  • Bitumen

  • Epoxies

We understand that you may not always have easy access to a sink, which is why we use heavy-duty cleaners, that are still easy on the hands. Even when used daily, our wipes are an excellent choice for on the go cleaning. Versatile and effective, OneWipe is available in handy boxes of 12, while the compact case size ensures they don’t take up too much space. 


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